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Learning Thai, the easy way (all lessons 1-90)

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ThaiTrainer111 gives you a quick and easy way to study and learn the Thai language independently. Since this language uses its own individual alphabet and grammar, it is not possible to compage it with any of the european languages. This makes learning Thai not easy indeed. ThaiTrainer111 will help you over the most difficult hurdles. We have included phonetic writing in English as well as spoken text in this program. This enables you, bypassing the written Thai, to learn the correct pronounciation. Furthermore, and this is an exclusive feature, we offer a word for word translation of the spoken Thai, enabling you to experience the structure and grammar of this language firsthand.

By means of multiple-choice questions you can test your progress and confirm your knowledge.Through the soundtrack you can listen to the exact pronounciation, and get a good feeling for the sound of the spoken Thai. Since a lot of the tones and vowels sound unusual to our ears, this is a most valuable tool. The text whas spoken by Thai-students and is thus an exponent of how this language is used today.

In the "Interrogation" function you can now save your result.When you go back to this lesson your result will be shown in percentages.This will enable you to earmark the lessons that need to be trained further.

The learning process is now more visual.Where possible we have included images and pictures of the words to learn.This enables you to immediatly grasp the meaning without having to translate to your own language, and thus improving your learning tempo.

Please download the first package "Thai-all.exe" and check it out! 
You will be surprised at how easy learning Thai can be.

The "shareware"-version is limited as follows:
Only the first 5 lessons are available together with the options "learning the numbers" and "telling time". Immediatly after registration the rest of the program will be liberated and can be downloaded from the Internet-server. All possible updates and/or additional lessons are then also at your disposal free of charge on Internet.

More information can be found on the author's homepage, Wantana Software.