The J-M-S Shareware-CD

The Shareware-CD

Several customers asked us about getting the shareware on CD (either because downloading is too expensive or just because they have no internet access at home and the files do not fit onto floppy disks): Therefore, we created "The Shareware CD".

We have put all the shareware which can be downloaded from our application download page (no games!) onto one CD. This CD is available for only EUR 5,- (including postage&package) worldwide.

You can, of course, use all the payment methods listed on our registration page, including credit card. You can also send five International Reply Coupons which you can buy at any post office worldwide.

To avoid misunderstandings: The price of the CD does not contain any registration fees. You will find some full versions of the shareware on the CD, but you will only be able to access the additional features after you have registered. A good example is Thai-Trainer:
Let us assume you are interested in Thai-Trainer. You can order the shareware-CD, which contains all seven parts of the lessons. You can download the seven parts from our server as well, it is up to you. You can now use the first five lessons (contained in the first part) to see how unique the program is and how well it works. If you want to register afterwards, you will receive a key which you need to activate the remaining lessons in parts 2 to 7. No additional download necessary, it is all on CD.

Please note: we try to keep our shareware CD very much up-to-date. However, changes, updates and products which were released during the last 14 days may not be on the CD - we cannot update it every day.

Due to a change in German law as of April, 1st 2003, it is forbidden to publish games on a physical medium without having them checked and rated. This rating is expensive, and does not match the concept of shareware (which you can test for free, let alone freeware). Therefore we had to remove all the games from our shareware CD. This does not apply to online media, so you can, of course, still download all the games from our games download page.

The prices quoted are end prices and include any charge that may be due for tax, post and packing. No other payment is due.