Lost or outdated Registration Keys

In case your registration key does not work anymore (for example, because the author has released a more recent version which may require a new key) or in case you lost your key due to a system crash etc, then you should contact the author of the relevant program directly. Send him an E-Mail, explaining the situation in one or two sentences and add your full address and - in case your E-Mail address has changed - provide your old E-Mail address, so that he can verify that you are an existing customer.

The author will send you a new registration key by E-Mail.

If you do not have the E-Mail-address of the author handy, you can find it on our support page.

Please do not send requests regarding an outdated or lost key to us! All we can do is return it to you an ask you to write directly to the author ... this is wasted time for you and us. The author handles the after-sale-support, and this includes problems related to the registration key - we only handle the initial payment.