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Other JMS Services / Emulators
  • Printer-Emulator: QPCPrint
    ... a printer-emulator software which allows you to print to any Windows-installed printer (even fax-driver, PDF-printer) from applications (even DOS-applications) which "understand" EPSON™ ESC/P™ or ESC/P2™ printer codes. Demo version and details.
  • QPC & SMSQ/E
    Sinclair QL operating system emulation and more. Details.
New Shareware Programs & Updates
HamsterPro Golden, RennerPro e3 and
CaviesPro II Klaus Grün
News-Move and TurboSFV - Jörg Krahe
ArtWeaver Plus Version 6 - Boris Eyrich
POS Cash Register - Kassenprogramm von CG-Software
Special Registrations
Dedicated pages for authors with a large selection of products:
- Soft&Fun Games/WinBrick  (S. Kuhne)
- Grün Development (K. Grün)
One click to quickly order some of our highlights:
- Boot-US (U. Straub)
- Thai-Trainer111 (learn Thai) (Wantana)
- Gwendolyn (René Brunner)
- Artweaver Plus (B. Eyrich)
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